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        Publications and Preprints

        [1] Eiichi Bannai and Yan Zhu: Tight t-designs on one shell

         of Johnson association schemes, European Journal of Combinatorics, 80 (2019), 23-36.


        [2] Eiichi Bannai, Gabriel Navarro, Noelia Rizo, Pham Huu Tiep:

        Unitary t-groups, accepted for publication in Journal of Mathematical Society

        of Japan. (arXiv: 1810.02507).


        [3] Eiichi Bannai and Da Zhao: Spherical embeddings of symmetric association schemes in 3-dimensional Euclidean space, accepted for publication in Graphs and Combinatorics  

        [4] Eiichi Bannai, Mikio Nakahara, Da Zhao, Yan Zhu: On the explicit  
         constructions of certain unitary t-designs,  (submitted). (arXiv: 1906.04583)

        [5] Eiichi Bannai, Etsuko Bannai, Ziqing Xiang, Wei-Hsuan Yu, Yan Zhu:  
         Classification of certain feasible parameters by solving Diophantine equations,  
        · Publications and Preprints 2019/09/06 
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